International Informations

Winner of the Open Accordion Contest 2014

"Sing Your Soul" is winner of the famous international competition in Bielefeld/Germany.


It has performed during the "World Music Festival" 2016 in Innsbruck/Austria and the PIF-Festival in Castelfidardo/Italy. Also  playing in famous churches as the "Wieskirche", "Heilig-Kreuz-Passions-Kirche"/Berlin, "Karmeliterkirche"/Kloster Mainz, "Stefansfeld-Salem", "Burgkirche Ostheim", "Cathedral Schleswig" and in many chamber music series.


"Unique Constellation"


The combination of different sounding clarinet types with the special tuned Bugari-Concert-Accordion is a unique feature in whole Europe because of the risk of changing clarinets during a concert in the cold of churches. The special arrangements of classical music, traditional and folk style songs always touch the soul of the auditors.

"Own Special Arrangements"

There aren't any arrangements for this special combination of instruments available. Therefore we have to arrange it ourselves:

Johann Sebastian Bach`s work adapted for bass clarinet and accordion, special Klezmer arrangements for alto clarinet and accordion and even new classicals ouevres with soprano saxophone are simply unique.

Listen to very new sound events especially created in the second set of Mozart`s famous concerto for A-clarinet!

"You have to rethink all items that have ever been recognized about the accordion",

Eckernförder Zeitung, January 2017!

"Sensible, informative and homouristic Moderation"


Meike Salzmann`s moderation provides the auditorium with relevant information about the different types of clarinets, the history of both instruments and the pieces of music. Especially the translated lyrics of Argentinian and Finnish tangos create a specific atmosphere for the presented music.